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The Turkey Maiden Game

Project Description

The Turkey Maiden is an educational computer game project, directed by Dr. Natalie Underberg, is based on a story that closely resembles a Cinderella variant collected by folklorist Ralph Steele Boggs in Ybor City, Florida, in the 1930s (the original Spanish version, "La Pavera," appears in a 1938 issue of Southern Folklore Quarterly; the English translation by Maria Redmond appears in Kristin Congdon's collection Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales (2001). The game story (in contrast to the collected folktale) is set in the Ybor City of the 1930s to permit specific explorations of the area’s history and culture. Ybor City is perhaps best known for its historic cigar industry and Latin immigrant population (mainly Cuban and Spanish). The folktale forms the basic narrative structure of the game, combined with interactive quests based on lessons using Depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) materials on Ybor City history and culture. The WPA federal writers project documented the stories and customs of places throughout America, including those of Ybor City, and resulted in collections of material including traditioanl tales and other folklife. The project is targeted toward an 8th-grade audience and includes a curriculum packet. Both the game and the curriculum packet are matched to Florida Sunshine State Standards.

UCF Digital Ethnography Lab, School of Visual Arts and Design, P.O. Box 163121, Orlando, Florida 32816-3121 (407) 823-1140 nunderbe@mail.ucf.edu