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The Turkey Maiden Game

Game Outline:

In the game, as in the folktale, the heroine Rosa leaves home with a gift of three nuts from her father that she opens as she needs them to escape danger, find food and warmth, and gain a beautiful dress to wear. Through navigating the basic structure of having to successfully receive and open the three nuts to reveal magical dresses (which is the basic outline of the Cinderella story), the player must accomplish specific tasks.

These are: 1) correctly identifying a particular Spanish folktale amongst other Spanish folklore to help her father a lector or reader in the cigar factory find the right story to read the workers;

task 1

2)helping a female factory worker find the special vuelto abajo tobacco leaves she needs to make the top quality cigars for which the area was known (and thereby receive the use of a chaveta, the knife used to cut the leaves to open one of her nuts to escape danger);

task 2

3) correctly describing a Spanish mutual aid society to a helpful donor figure so she can find food and warmth there;

task 3

4) interacting with different Spanish dancers to identify the correct one who can lead her to the flowers she needs on her quest; and

task 3

5) telling the guard the story of Jose Marti (the great revolutionary leader) so she can enter the house to cure the “prince.”

task 5

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